Costa Rica: the myth, the madness, the pictures

So what exactly was Cornell University's Wind Ensemble doing in Costa Rica? Here's a quick synopsis:

  • conducted musical workshops in three different schools: San Isidro, Poas, and Matapalo
  • performed 8 different concerts. We played in a post office, a parade, and the Canadian Embassy, among other places
  • Donated over 60 musical instruments to music schools across the country
  • recreation (where most of the pictures came from) included hiking in the rainforest, salsa dancing, a jazz club, the beach, the Santa Cruz downtown marketplace, a bullfight, a coffee farm, volcano de Poas, and waterfall gardens.
As a result, I have a whole host of new pictures, shot with my new camera. Among these pictures is the photo I created my new banner from. I also have quite a number of videos, which I hope to put together as soon as I get the editing software set up.

these, and many other pictures can be found on my Flickr account. Enjoy!