Some Solid APC Action

Good evening! (or I guess it's early morning already on the east coast :) last weekend I composed a song using my new Atari Punk Console. Behold!

Bought this APC off ebay from the very awesome ProperBoy, who sells all sorts of analog goodies.  Here's the song:

Come Find Her  by  esbie

My first stab using the APC as a compositional element was trying to sound edgy and sophisticated, but ended up sounding more creepy than anything else :P Two things that would really make work with the APC easier are
  1. a gating mechanism. Right now the unit is really only capable of creating one loooooong note, haha
  2. a midi to control voltage converter... or possibly, as properboy suggested, an analog step sequencer
Basically my problems boil down to the fact that all my gear is digital, which doesn't always play nice with analog. Which is a shame, because I'm really loving the glitchy things analog can do.


Timelapse Workspace

Been dying to post *something*, even though all the projects I'm working on (a song using my new APC, a game prototype using GameQuery) aren't complete yet. So I thought I'd quickly show you my new setup in the living room, where I'm doing most of my work.

My camera gave up after 30 mins of recording because my 4gb mem card ran out of space (lol), so we'll see whether or not video recording myself becomes a trend.

Oh, and the music is a reject of mine that never made it to SoundCloud :P