Basically Famous

Hey so if you haven't seen my facebook wall recently, my friend Jason Turer put up a trailer from a student film he produced a couple years back... and I'm in it! I'm playing a character named Mary who thinks her roommate is crazy for hearing weird noises at night. The best part of this is that Jason put the trailer on IMDB! Yes folks that's right, I'm now considered an actress on IMDB ^__^ do you think I should fill out my profile? (Although in all seriousness there are hundreds of Sarah Browns there). Go ahead and clickthrough to see the trailer on IMDB (oh and warning, it's a little cheesy :P)


Back from summer vacation

Hey! After an unusually long hiatus, I'm back and ready to blog. I'm coming to you from my new apartment in Sunnyvale, CA where I now work fulltime for Palm, making webOS media apps.

I was shopping in SF on Valencia the other day and I found this adorable music box where you can compose your own music (provided it's entirely in the key of C major). I promptly bought it and of course the first song I made with it is a zelda cover. enjoy ^_^

Goron Music Box by esbie