Stealth Cat Productions

First the good news: the game is finished!

Now for the bad news: my lizard friend isn't a part of it. He's not even close to the art style needed for this game... you see what I mean.

So what did I contribute to the game? Well besides design and moral support... not much. Sure I'm only taking it for 1 credit but I'd still like to be able to get some solid experience out of it. So I offered to be Content Lead for our next project. Content Lead is in charge of making sure UI assets are itemized and delivered in a timely fashion. Here's to hoping this next round works out better.

Since I can't host the file on my school webspace forever, there will also be a link to the game on our brand new design blog: Stealth Cat Productions. You'll also (eventually) find a more indepth look at our design process from different points of view within the team... not just mine.

For now, go ahead and download the game here, and let me know what you think in the comments. Honestly I can't get past level 3 without the cheat codes >_>


24x24 pixels is a very small canvas

When Jess asked me if I wanted to work on a game this semester, of course I said yes. But, in the spirit of taking less than 20 credits, I'm only taking the class for 1 credit. I'm stuck as the artist because the group needs artists.

Programming is being done in GameMaker, music in FruityLoops (uhhh. hmm. Better than garage band I guess.), and art in... well... we're all using different programs. It was my job to make the avatar, so there he is, in all his pixel art glory.

I won't say too much about the game itself, mostly because I'll be posting the .exe here in a week so you can play it.


ElectroAcoustic Techniques

Since I'm not sure whether or not my research is continuing this semester (Spencer, where ARE you?), I took it upon myself to find more credits, and I found them as a graduate seminar in the digital music center. Our first assignment was a 30 second tape piece using Audacity and Cubase. I wish I had the pieces of the 5 other people taking the class so I could let you listen to them; we're a really diverse group and their pieces were amazing. Unfortunately all I have is my submission, but here it is

The assignment was to do something with language, so everything you hear is a manipulation of my own voice (except for the tts voice I found from AT&T). The 0's and 1's in the middle of the piece are actually reciting parts of the text in binary.

comments, questions, concerns? We're learning Csound next.