Back from Break with a Vocoder Vengeance

I just got back from tour in Costa Rica, meaning I have over 500 pictures to sort through as well as over a dozen videos. All were taken with my new Sony Cybershot DSC-W200, a high end point-and-shoot camera. Unfortunately, I'll be flying out to Seattle this week for an interview with Microsoft and so I won't be able to put the pictures up until I get back.

Let me instead show you a short side project from last semester's independent study, made using Reason's vocoder. Here Reason combines the formant of my voice and the sound of synth vocals + strings while I recite Robert Frost's Fire and Ice. I'm particularly happy with the way the chord progression complements the structure of the poem. (apologies that the volume is so low)

frost on imeem


Phil Harnish said...

Microsoft? Sellout!