Prototyping End Results

Early last semester I told you about the prototype team I was on for designing games. The end result of that is four games that were each built in a single week. To me they all have some very big flaws, but it's not bad for only a week of development. All of them were implemented with Gamemaker, so they can only be run on PC.

PS, one of our programmers, Richard Hough, is the one hosting these downloadable files. Thanks Richard!

PPS, you can learn a little more about our team here.

NecroMaster (download)

This is a pretty basic defend your tower game. But it sure is hard, I don't think we had enough time to balance gameplay.

Airship Fedora (download)

A platformer, this is probably my favorite of the four gameplay-wise. Jessie has a fascination with fedora hats, and we debated on whether the main character looks like a snowman or a peanut, so it's a quirky game to say the least.

Out of Phase (download)

Also a platformer, this game is probably my least favorite. I love the idea of phase changing, but this game is frustration for me more than anything. It has a tendency to lag. On the upside it has an awesome cut scene.

Web O Flies (download)

A pretty good arcade-style game, I think we did a lot more balancing for this game, which really helped.

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