Wii Boxing

I have a Wii, ladies and gentlemen. Hence, productivity is on the decline. I just drove back to New Mexico from San Jose, and then flew to Ithaca, NY. School started three days ago. Normally I would wait to post until I've come up with some snazzy arrangement of twinkle twinkle little star, but alas, I have to return my poor laptop to BestBuy so they can finish the job they never actually did. I have a deep and unwavering hatred for them.

Speaking of things I hate, I will never buy another Sony product. Excellent design combined with proprietary bs. Specifically, I'm talking about my camera, where the video capture is saved as some proprietary mpg that is incredibly difficult to convert. My last camera, a Canon, saved them as avi. Back to Canon for my next camera.

Not that this post had anything to do with Computer Science or tubas, but I do have this hilarious video of my mom playing wii boxing. enjoy :)

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