Computer works; so does Live

My Gateway laptop just celebrated its third year of existence, and I handed it off to Best Buy just before the warranty expired. Can't say I'm impressed with the geek squad. My graphics card over heats? They cleaned out the fan. My battery lasts for only half an hour? They claim it runs up to spec. My rom drive doesn't work? Alright, at least they replaced that.

As a reward for being so patient while my computer was indulging in some TLC, I have a present just for you:

I decided to sit down and spend some quality time with Ableton Live. After all, if I can't make music as compositionally basic as techno (4/4 time, 140bpm, repeated 4 bar phrases), then I don't have much hope of making more complex electroacoustic pieces.

Drum loops are still not my forte, so although I tweaked the synth drums, the loop was already a preset inside Live. Enjoy!

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