Nothing New to Report

Just finished finals last week, so I wasn't in a position to churn out anything very creative. I'll just let you know what's in the works.

I tried to upload a video of my second project for music class, but ripping a dvd into avi takes more skill than sb had time to learn this week. It's too bad: the project consisted of me playing the tuba, Ricardo playing the electric guitar, Stephen playing the midi keyboard, Cameron manning the computer, and Henrik 'playing' the wiimote. The wiimote was hooked up to some special graphical and particle effects using PD's Gem. It was a spectacle.

Speaking of Cameron, his final project for the class is on youtube, music thing, and gizmodo. Props to him for that. Where's my project? I didn't get to perform it due to technical difficulties. Transferring my patch from Max4.5 on PC to Max5 on Mac turns out to be pretty near impossible. (remind me to rant about how much I dislike Max/MSP later)

Our video game Stage IV is complete and the showcase went well. As soon as they put it online I'll post a link so you guys can check it out. I just had a tuba recital last week, and we (hopefully) got that on tape, so I'll be looking into that as well.

Looks like I didn't get a midi keyboard controller for my birthday, so I'm gonna have to purchase one myself for the summer. If anyone has one they love, let me know about it (I'd rather not spend more than $200)

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