Sunrise On Saturn

This semester I'm the proud owner of 23 academic credits, 3 of which belong to a class called "Computers in Music Performance". The Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center website comes complete with blog, so I'll be making some music related posts there as well (perhaps with some overlap here). Fresh off the composing press, here is the result of my first assignment in the class.

I made the entire piece in Reason with a single recording of a marimba roll, and a piano midi plugin. If you listen carefully there's actually a third voice, made with the marimba roll transposed 2 octaves, lfo at a high frequency, and a reverb patch.

(Sunrise On Saturn Link)


Rosa Decembris said...

Mmmm. Pretty.

esbie said...

aww thanks. Turns out my game design team will be using it as one of our songs in our game (after I edit out some of the more trippy parts :P )