How I Got Here, Musically Speaking

I did some digging around this week and found a bunch of my older compositions, each with its own story. Here they are in chronological order.
PI, the oldest piece, was created with the intent of 3 or 4 later movements. Although orchestrated here for two pianos, it's entirely possibly to play on 2 or 3 marimbas instead.

PI link

the next, JM, is actually an orchestration of the opening theme for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The piece was made as an accompaniment for me as part of my talent for the New Mexico Junior Miss pageant. Although I regrettably don't have a recording of my singing along, you can look up the lyrics and sing them yourself! JM contains a 4 measure intro, the first verse, an instrumental, and the second-to-last chorus. Here's a snipet of the original piece "Kaze No Ne" (Sound of the Wind) for comparison.

JM link

DOS, made in my senior year of high school, was made at the request of a friend and turned out to be one of my best techno tracks so far.

DOS link

The most recent of this collection, ReasonStudy, was made last semester. It was my first attempt at using Reason during my lessons (and it shows).

ReasonStudy link

Hopefully my work is showing some sort of growth, although what kind I can't quite figure out.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I like them a lot. Don't you play the tuba or something? Do you make music w/ that?

esbie said...

the short answer is yes, I play in a lot of ensembles including Wind Ensemble and jazz band. If you're asking about more soloistic venues, I'll also be performing a recital this semester. It will hopefully include a digital tuba piece that I'm going to compose->perform->record->blog.