It's still winter, but at least I have Cubase!

Happy Belated New Years!

I tried to write some music over the holidays and was totally creatively blocked. Partly because I was busy coding the video editor that palm demo'd at CES (minute 30 of this very long video if you're curious), but also the stuff I tried to compose was just coming out... not right.

Clearly this means I need more gear.

So I bought a lexicon USB preamp. Not because I like Lexicon, but because it was one of the cheapest preamps on amazon, and it came with Cubase LE4. Cubase is my DAW of choice, so this seemed like a nice, inexpensive way to get a copy.

I also bought an analog synth from ebay: my first analog synth ever! But I'm still waiting for some cables from Sweetwater before I can play it, so more on that next time.

So I wrote this in Cubase, using some samples I had taken in Ithaca of me stepping on the ice-covered sidewalk to my apartment. The instruments are from Reason, as usual, but this time I thought I'd try the Thor patch. Usually I head straight for the NN-XT.

winter solstice phoenix hatching  by  esbie

I considered creating a whole song out of this with bells, drums, etc but

  1. I didn't want to ruin a good thing haha. And
  2. soundcloud is now limiting user accounts by hours of content (BOOOOOO) and I only have an hour left to use on my account ^_^;;
Alright that's it for now!

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