Welcome to the rest of my life

I'm done graduating. Except for the thank you notes, but let's be honest, those won't be going out for another 4 months. I'll be here, in Las Cruces, for another week before visiting China and then I'm off to a family reunion in North Dakota. After that it's Silicon Valley or bust.

I figured since I'll be traveling a lot I should jump on board the portable music bandwagon once again. I'll be outfitted with my gameboy, DS, and H2 Zoom, so I'm expecting some good things to come.

Recently I've been doing nothing but cleaning, so I took a break to compose something cute on LSDJ. Purpose of the exercise was to make use of some extended techniques including:

Groove (Swing)
Drumkits (ok this isn't "extended" but I haven't used LSDJ's yet)

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