Good idea of the day

Had to share this with you because it's awesome. For our film scoring class's final project, Chelsea and I are teaming up to make an interactive music application (which may or may not turn into an actual game). We're planning on using Processing, which Chelsea is a pro at and I have never used.

The premise is linking music to physics in a nontrivial way. Our current idea involves an avatar traversing a 2D universe filled with planets of various sizes and gravitational pull. My clever moment today was deciding that the character should always remain on top of the planet with the camera angle pivoting around the planet.

AND, a circlular planet is a perfect way to introduce modulation in the music via the circle of fifths. i.e. as the avatar traverses to the left or right on a planet the key of the music modulates, depending on which 2PI/12 radians the avatar is currently standing in. (The picture conveys a couple other thoughts I had today as well. Click the picture to make it bigger.)

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