Contrapunkt Fall '08

Just got the recording of the Contrapunkt concert, which I'm pretty pleased with. The piece I performed is called Signal, named after the concept of the signal-to-noise ratio. The piece is essentially white noise that is filtered using LSDJ, and then run through a feedback delay in PD. While the premise is basic, the complexity comes in the real time performance of changing the noise filter, increasing the delay, etc. The piece ends with a recording of vocals sliding around on the same pitches as the white noise that's being filtered.

For those of you who haven't worked with LSDJ, the filters are based on a double digit hexidecimal number. Since I wasn't exactly sure how the filters where being applied to the white noise, I made myself a grid of expected outcomes for filtering whitenoise on c7.

Which I was pretty proud of myself for jotting down in my Moleskin. An article in the Cornell Daily Sun proclaimed Signal

"arguably the most radical piece in the concert"

And here it is:

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