Appropriate Proprius

Two weeks ago, Spencer* made fun of me for naming my composition "Cosmic Dust Cloud". For Five minutes straight. Apparently the Spark Music Festival competition I entered it in will take my entry as a joke with a name like that.
Fine by me. The composition was an academic exercise anyhow, so I wasn't expecting it to win. I've renamed the piece "Proprius" which roughly translated in latin means 'unique self'. It's the closest I could come to naming it "I'm a Pretentious Composer, Just Like You" without offending anyone.

The piece, which I just added to my imeem, is the introduction to a 4 movement piece [of which 3 movements have yet to be written :D ]. All of the source sounds are either recorded by me using Tom's Firepod, or created by me using Reason. It was edited in Cubase LE. Also, all the source sounds are percussion instruments, including timpani, celest, and chimes.
Although this version is in stereo, the final version makes use of some very cool ambisonics. I may or may not post the final version, depending on whether or not the Max/MSP patch decides to cooperate.

*Spencer: (spen-sir) proper noun. The graduate student who agreed to instruct me for an independent study in digital music. He is quirky and brilliant, he has perfect pitch, and studied at Julliard for his undergraduate degree. He likes to shake hands.


Phil Harnish said...


I think "Comsic Cloud Concert" could short circuit any confusion or pretentious consideration.

I also like the letter C.

Tom W. said...

Nice title. It doesn't sound pretentious until you translate it. I think you've been hanging out with Xander too much! The whole latin translation thing reminds me of Hedera. Cool name until you get smacked by that pompus translation. Anyways... I'm going to listen to your piece now.